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Combination Treatment Teaching DVD

This multi treatment DVD contains the following techniques:
10-Minute Massage Treatment for Asthma Sufferers
Relief from Sinus Headaches and Viral Sinusitis
Relief for Headache Sufferers
Sitting Neck and Shoulders Massage
Whether you are a professional massage therapist or a sufferer of asthma, sinus headaches, headaches, or neck or shoulder pain, this extraordinary DVD teaches you how to provide relief without the need for drugs etc.
You too can easily learn Brian Cavill of All Regions Massage School\'s unique style of massage in the comfort of your own home.

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I have found your oils to be great. Everyone loves the fresh smell of the lemon scented oil! They wash out fine from the towels and I also find the oil easily wipes off with a towel. One thing I have noticed, I often have dry hands as excema and flaky skin tend to run in my family, but since massaging regularly my hands have become much more hydrated and softer!!!
Tanya Gardiner