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Intimate Rose Massage Oil 5 litre

Originally designed for couples but now popular with masseurs, this is a more intimate style of massage oil with rose, bergamot, clary sage and sandalwood, specially blended to relax and enhance romance. In our quality white oil base. Not to be taken. External use only. Not suitable for use during pregnancy.

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Arabah® Oil has been the one constant source of relief for the patients I massage. I have been working for around 3 months now and constantly get asked what massage oil I use. I insist on using it when I get a massage from a fellow colleague who uses a different product. It absorbs into the skin and leaves it non-greasy and moisturised. From a masseur's point of view, I find you need a little to go a long way, and that to me, is value for money, especially as it is our main tool. When washing my towels and clothes, I have found it to be the only oil that comes out in warm wash without stain removers, cost effective once more.
Rachel Rohde